Advantages and disadvantages of disposable paper cup

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Update time : 2023-01-29 17:54:26
  Disposable paper cups are hygienic, clean and safe, and they are also very convenient to use. Generally, in major workplaces and public environments, there are disposable cups under the water dispenser for the convenience of staff. There are two kinds of disposable cups: plastic and paper. Generally, we like to use paper. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for hygiene are also improved. In this situation, disposable cups Paper cups come in handy, suitable for all kinds of people, and are also recognized by the public.

  Advantages of disposable paper cups
Disposable paper cups  The significant advantage of disposable paper cups is that they can ensure cleanliness, hygiene and convenience. They are good for people who love cleanliness, have cleanliness, and have requirements for hygiene. They can be discarded after use. Secondly, if there are many guests at home, disposable paper cups are the most convenient choice.
  1. Lightweight, convenient and easy to handle;
  2. Low cost and low price;
  3. The used paper cups can be recycled and reused to save resources;

  Disadvantages of disposable paper cups
  1. The body of the paper cup that does not meet the standard is not stiff enough, and it is easy to burn people after adding hot water.
  2. Substandard paper cups have fluorescent substance residues that are harmful to human health. Fluorescent substances are not easy to be decomposed and eliminated. Accumulation in the body will affect the normal growth and development of cells. Excessive exposure and accumulation of toxicity will form a potential carcinogenic risk.
  3. The ink on the body of the paper cup that does not meet the standard is easy to decolorize, and it will enter the human body when drinking water.

  Matters needing attention when buying paper cups
  When purchasing a disposable water cup, you need to carry out preliminary quality identification. First, you can add hot water to the water cup. If it is seriously deformed or even smells when you pick it up, it means that the quality is not good. If you have a fluorescent lamp on your body, put the disposable cup under its light. If the cup body is blue, then it contains a lot of fluorescent whitening agent and can not be used. The main summary is:

  1. The product identification must be complete. The complete product identification of paper cup products includes name, trademark, implementation standard number, production date and shelf life or production batch number and expiration date, product type, specification, grade and quantity, product qualification mark, manufacturer name and address.

  2. I would rather be healthy than gorgeous. If the ink quality of the paper cups is poor or the printing technology is not up to standard, it will cause the ink to enter the body through the mouth and the paper cups, causing harm, or sticking to the hands when the hands are in contact, posing a health hazard.

  3. The firmness of the cup is guaranteed. Due to the different paper materials used, the hardness of the cup body of the commercially available paper cup products is different. It is recommended that consumers can squeeze it lightly when purchasing, and try to buy a paper cup with a stiff body.

Hydepackage Creative Uses of Disposable Paper Cups Videos From YouTube

  In the social trend of focusing on health, life, and the environment, environmentally friendly products such as disposable paper cups and paper bags have attracted more and more people's attention. If you would like to invest in quality disposable paper cups for your store, please contact Hyde, one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers. We offer a wide selection of high quality disposable cups to suit your business needs.

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