Benefits of 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid

Author : John Dickson
Update time : 2022-12-28 16:00:31
  Biodegradable refers to the ability of a material to decompose and return to nature within a short time after disposal. nowadays, bagasse is used as a biodegradable food packaging material. 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid is produced from 100% bagasse through various processes. The product is water and oil resistant, has low production cost, about 35% lower than wood pulp products, and is non-toxic. The production process of food packaging containers is mostly a wet pressing process. The product is smooth, delicate and neat, and the hygiene standard can meet the requirements of food grade. 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid will add some food grade additives, general water repellent and oil repellent, to achieve the effect of water and oil repellent.

16oz sugarcane bowl with lid  Benefits for distributors
  1. Market. With the increasing awareness of human environmental protection, people's demand for environmentally friendly products is also increasing, which creates a huge potential market; as the biggest feature of 16oz sugar cane bowl with lid is non-bleaching, environmental protection and hygiene; it belongs to the real green products, which can promote social progress and meet human's demand for environmentally friendly products. This gives the distributors a huge market space.

  2. The social mission is getting more and more attention, and the distributors operate the biodegradable 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid, which enhances their social value while gaining practical benefits. Hyde has many domestic and foreign customers who have been using 16oz sugar cane bowl with lid, thus protecting human living environment, promoting human diet health, and more importantly, protecting the global environment.

  Benefits to consumers
  1. Clean and hygienic. Hyde uses natural bagasse fiber, processed through strict process control, the product's hygiene standards meet the highest testing index requirements; truly clean and hygienic tableware, blocking the spread of disease, providing consumers with a healthy and fashionable way of consumption, which is of great significance to the protection of human health.

  2. Convenient and fast. The development of society has accelerated the pace of people's lives. The use of 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid has brought great convenience to consumers' daily meals by ensuring consumers' health while saving people's dining time at home and ensuring people's dining hygiene in public places.

  3. Protect the environment. Hyde uses bagasse as recyclable raw materials, and in the process of bagasse processing, it not only avoids the waste of resources, but also turns waste into treasure and avoids environmental pollution. The whole production process is free from any pollution, which greatly protects the living environment of consumers.

Hydepackage Custom Printed Biodegradable Sugarcane Bowl Videos From YouTube

  With the improvement of environmental protection requirements and people's awareness of environmental protection, non-biodegradable disposable lunch boxes are gradually being replaced by biodegradable disposable lunch boxes such as 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid. Due to its biodegradability, it is widely used in hotels, school canteens, parties, picnic camping, various restaurants, snack bars, fast food restaurants and other places. The biodegradable 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid can be microwaved, oven baked without any harmful chemicals, and it can also support refrigerated storage. For more information about 16oz sugarcane bowl with lid, please click below to contact us.
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