Different sizes of ice cream cups open the door for your convenience

Author : Mark Scarbrough
Update time : 2022-12-19 16:35:25
  Ice cream is a dessert that can be served in many ways. The containers used to serve ice cream usually take this into account. Therefore, special types of ice cream cups may include large mini ice cream cups and extra large ice cream tubs. This article today will discuss the different sizes of ice cream cups.

  Check out our service and storage range online for ice cream cups ice cream containers. While these two products may look very similar at first glance, they are indeed very different. The single-serve ice cream cups have an open top and do not support the use of a lid, which indicates that they are made for single-serve.

ice cream cups  You'll want these cups for single-serve ice cream, or for ice cream that customers plan to eat in your store, or in the next few minutes each time. Ice cream containers are slimmer, taller, and can be covered with lids. Create containers to store ice cream for long periods of time, either as a single serving in a store freezer or in a consumer's home freezer. In other words, ice cream cups are created to serve ice cream for the short term, while containers are designed to store ice cream for the long term.

  We offer various sizes of ice cream cups, you can choose from single serving ice cream cups to whole ice cream cups according to your needs. Mini ice cream cups are the smallest ice cream cups offered. They are made of paper, do not have a lid, and can also hold a small portion of ice cream. Since these containers are small, they are suitable as a small or child-sized option. Since these mini ice cream cups are perfect for selling single servings of ice cream at the corner store. The large ice cream cups can hold multiple servings of ice cream and are perfect for selling the majority of ice cream used in customer freezers.

  Our smallest take-out ice cream cups are 3 oz. paper cups made of PE layered non-reusable paper. This cup comes with a plastic lid (provided separately from the cup) to hold hot and cold contents and features a thick, durable paper outer layer. the 6 oz. cup is slightly larger and is designed to hold a full cup of ice cream or frozen yogurt.Finally, the 32-ounce cup is the largest of the bunch, providing plenty of room for large amounts of ice cream. These containers are perfect for serving large amounts of ice cream to consumers considering serving it at home as a dessert or snack.

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  All our ice cream cups are made of PE covered non-reusable paper and are functionally compatible with the separately available plastic lids. We have ice cream cups in different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for an ice cream cup supplier, we look forward to being your choice and we will provide you with attentive service and high quality products.
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