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  Disposable paper bowl is one of the most common food and beverage packaging supplies in life, paper bowl is also one of the most used paper containers. Take the famous Dixie bowl for example, Dixie paper bowls have a soak-proof shield?that can handle anything from salad dressing to burger grease. They're cut-resistant and microwavable to make reheating leftovers a breeze. Paper bowls have the convenience of disposable easy to carry, paper bowls have their own color and form and other styles, which is also conducive to the use of restaurants.
  dixie bowl   disposable paper bowl
  The application of disposable paper bowl
  Disposable paper bowl with its delicate shape, cheap price, the convenience of use has long been everyone indispensable daily necessities. Paper bowls were originally invented to hold things that couldn't be held in paper cups. Paper cups provided convenience for fast food, snacks. Paper bowls are a must-have disposable item in fast food restaurants and are the only paper product that fast food restaurants use the most. Paper bowls are also widely used, generally used in all kinds of snacks, takeaway fast food, roadside food shops, restaurants and other places. The market competitiveness of paper bowls shows a rapid increasing trend, especially in recent years, the use of paper bowls has been accepted by the high-end fast food market, many foods choose paper bowls as product packaging. Paper bowls bring convenience to fast food restaurants. At the same time, paper bowls come in various forms and different colors, which also bring consumers a sense of beauty. Different paper bowls also bring consumers a fresh feeling. Paper bowls bring profits to fast food restaurants, and fast food restaurants give paper bowls a platform for good use.
  Tips for buying disposable paper bowls
  Now a variety of disposable paper bowl dazzling, some people may take a walk. In fact, it is better to buy disposable paper bowls carefully. Not all disposable paper bowls are harmless.
  1. Look at the material of the disposable paper bowl first. See disposable paper bowl workmanship is fine, the thickness of each part is uniform, the material is the same, the transition is smooth, whether there are other foreign bodies in the middle.
  2. When buying disposable paper bowls, be sure to smell them. Only disposable paper bowls have no odor. You can take a box of disposable paper bowls, tear them a little bit, stick your nose through them, and smell them. Bad disposable paper bowls can have a very, very strong taste and smell unpleasant.
  3. When buying disposable paper bowls, you need to pinch them to see whether the disposable paper bowls are firm and elastic, and whether the hardness and elasticity are appropriate. If it's inferior, it's usually soft, so don't buy it.
  4. When buying disposable paper bowls, you can judge the quality of disposable paper bowls by looking at their logo, manufacturer's address and related *. Under the light, you can see whether there are uneven dust particles in the disposable paper bowl. If you do, don't buy it. Color also needs attention. Paper bowls come in many colors. When choosing, choose colorless disposable paper bowl. Colored disposable paper bowls are loaded with additives and are not safe to use.
  5. In general, good quality disposable paper bowls smell good. If it is a bad disposable paper bowl, open the packaging will have a special taste. That disposable paper bowl is not healthy for human use.
  6. Actually, the texture of the membrane bowl is very good. A good disposable paper bowl will feel smooth and will have a certain strength and will not be very soft, so it will be easy to use.
  To sum up, for our safety and health, we must choose qualified disposable paper bowls, Dixie bowl is a good sample. Hyde company has always paid attention to product quality, from raw material procurement, printing to forming, layers of checks, the company has always been in line with the "customer first, reputation first" principle, provide a variety of types of degradable paper bowls. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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