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Author : Mark Scarbrough
Update time : 2023-01-10 16:30:05
  Are you looking for the most comfortable disposable coffee paper cups that will keep your hot drinks at the desired temperature for longer? Double-walled paper cups are a perfect choice! Our double-walled paper cups are perfect for carrying your favorite coffee. You can easily identify the double walled paper cups by attaching the bottom layer. Whether you like earl Grey, papaya or green tea, the double-walled coffee paper cup is perfect for enjoying your favorite tea on the go. Last but not least, you can of course use our double-walled paper cups to pour out a cup of hot chocolate in cold fall and winter weather.

  Coffee paper cups are the perfect choice
coffee paper cups  Due to their sturdy construction, our double walled paper cups with logos or prints are ideal for serving the hot drinks you know at bakeries, cafes, gas stations, etc. Our cup sizes are suitable for hot drinks of all shapes and sizes, such as tea, hot chocolate, Americano, latte, cappuccino, etc.

       Double-walled paper cups are more popular
  Your customers want their drinks to be hot and their hands cool. Our custom double wall cups are your solution! Can't you worry about regular single-walled cups? Our extra-thick double-walled mugs are the perfect choice. Brands are perfect, of course.

  Branded cups can enhance your marketing and greatly increase brand awareness. The prominent green and white mermaid logo on Starbucks cups has inspired excitement and longing across the country. Your business can establish this recognition without breaking the bank. Our cups are affordable for even the smallest businesses.

  Why the double-walled coffee cup
  Single-walled cups are great for cold drinks and can also be used for hot drinks, but double-walled cups have some advantages over single-walled hot drinks. First, double walls provide an extra barrier between the hand and the hot drink inside the cup. For this reason, double-walled cups can be used comfortably without sleeves. Not having to buy coffee cases can save your business money and help you present your brand more prominently. The sleeve conceals the brand on the cup and provides limited space for the brand on the sleeve itself. Removing the sleeves allows you to showcase your brand with a larger logo in the front and center. Double-walled cups can also be better insulated with additional walls, thus better retaining the drink's heat. Being able to keep your drink warm while protecting your hands from the heat is a win-win.

  Choose brands
  While it may seem like all print takeaway product manufacturers are the same, your ordering experience and the products you receive can vary greatly depending on who you decide to order from. Hyde strives to provide affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on providing high quality bespoke takeaway products at the most competitive prices in the market. You may end up spending more with many of our competitors who try to lock you into large orders or dramatically increase unit prices for small orders.

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  Our disposable coffee paper cups are crafted from the highest grade materials in the industry. They are not fragile and can effectively perform the job of storing hot liquids, protecting customers' hands and showcasing your brand without falling apart or leaking. In addition, the level of service you receive may vary greatly. Our team is committed to providing unparalleled customer support. We are always available to answer questions and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with your order of disposable double-wall coffee paper cups.
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