Go Green with cornstarch utensils

Author : Robin Alwine
Update time : 2022-09-14 15:31:54
  As a durable, safe and environmentally friendly plastic packaging material, cornstarch utensils is changing the way the restaurant industry serves its customers. These biodegradable packaging materials represent an emerging area of bioplastics and the latest packaging trends. cornstarch utensils breaks down into carbon dioxide and water when properly disposed of within a few months. Hyde is proud to be one of the leading wholesale suppliers of cornstarch utensils. Let's see how to go green with cornstarch utensils.

  Reduce your environmental impact
  Switching from less environmentally friendly packaging materials to cornstarch utensils will reduce your business' carbon footprint in a number of ways. Rather than using a limited amount of raw materials, corn starch is made from a highly renewable resource, corn, which is readily available and inexpensive. As a sustainable product, cornstarch utensils produces much less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastics when manufactured.

cornstarch utensils  100% biodegradable
  Cornstarch utensils is a viable biodegradable product. Like other certified biodegradable products, our corn starch breaks down naturally into environmentally safe and natural elements such as water and carbon dioxide. Corn starch packages can be converted into valuable fertilizer when processed in an industrial composting facility. Like regular compost, corn starch packets can be used as fertilizer to improve soil quality.

  100% recyclable
  Cornstarch utensils can be easily recycled at material recovery facilities. Once in the recycling stream, cornstarch utensils can be used to create new and improved products. As we mentioned before, corn starch is produced from corn, so it is one of the most renewable packaging solutions available. Unlike some traditional plastics, corn starch packaging contains no potentially harmful chemicals and has no impact on human health. Also because corn starch is biodegradable packaging and compostable, it minimizes landfill buildup.

  Improving market competitiveness
  More than ever before, consumers are looking for environmentally friendly companies and brands that support environmental issues. When you switch to cornstarch utensils, you can make progress in improving your brand image as a socially responsible company. There is no badge of honor better than being branded as an environmentally and socially conscious brand. More and more consumers will patronize companies that support environmental issues or make progress in using eco-friendly alternatives. Also by using cornstarch utensils to raise awareness, you can ensure that your food and brand stand out from the crowd that may still be using other alternatives.

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  Cornstarch utensils is one of the most dominant and popular forms of food packaging going forward, but of course you don't have to make the entire switch at once. It may make more sense to gradually increase the number of sustainable food packaging supplies in your business. If you are considering or are already using sustainable food packaging, cornstarch utensils is essential for you, contact us today for more information on cornstarch utensils.
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