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Author : Carlos Gomez
Update time : 2023-02-03 16:44:53
  Did you know that biodegradable sugarcane bagasse lunch box and compostable disposable product is more energy efficient than disposable plastic? The materials used for biodegradable cutlery are renewable, so they don't deplete the planet's natural resources. If that's not enough, biodegradable manufacturers are paying more attention to their carbon footprints and may take steps to reduce the greenhouse gases they produce. Using biodegradable bagasse lunch box will also reduce your carbon footprint.

  Key features of bagasse lunch box
biodegradable sugarcane lunch box  Catering businesses are becoming aware of the environmental impact of hazardous substances and have started using bagasse containers.

  Renewable and compostable
  Sugarcane bagasse lunch box is a sustainable product because its source has a low impact on the environment. It can be easily replenished as sugar cane can be harvested for many years at a time.

  Bagasse is completely natural and biodegradable, bagasse can biodegrade normally within 90 days, and when it degrades into the soil, it produces a fertilizer that nourishes the soil instead of harming it. This is different from its plastic counterpart, which takes millions of years.

  Easier to obtain
  Bagasse is the pulpy residue left after the juice is extracted from sugar cane. For every ton of sugar cane produced, 2-3 tons of bagasse can be produced. Bagasse is rich in cellulose and less in lignin, so bagasse has great advantages as a fiber raw material. Bagasse is readily available as sugarcane crops are prevalent in several countries and sugarcane is a perennial plant that can be harvested up to 7-8 times. Bagasse used to be considered waste, and burning in the fields caused pollution. However, scientific advances have helped to identify multiple uses for this material. Bagasse is rich in cellulose and less in lignin, so bagasse has great advantages as a fiber raw material.

  Benefits of Bagasse Lunch Boxes
  The environmentally conscious public and the food service industry are increasingly turning to biodegradable bagasse lunch boxes, and the properties of these containers make them ideal for food packaging.

  Bagasse is heat-resistant and can hold hot food up to 95 degrees Celsius. Bagasse containers can be used to reheat food in the microwave. Due to its fibrous texture, bagasse containers are more durable and stronger than polystyrene containers and are used by several of the UK's leading online grocery shopping centres. Bagasse containers can be used to store food in the refrigerator until serving. They have longer lasting thermal properties than paper and plastic containers.

  Bagasse lunch boxes are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic lunch boxes because they are fully compostable. Decomposition rates may vary with temperature, turnover and humidity. Faster breakdown can be achieved if the bagasse lunch box is divided into smaller pieces. Bagasse products can also be used to store cold food. Bagasse containers are water and grease resistant and are therefore increasingly used by wholesale soft drink suppliers. Due to the eco-friendly properties of bagasse containers, usage has exploded in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The robustness and superior thermal properties of bagasse containers also make them preferred by consumers over other disposable food containers and cutlery.

Hydepackage Natural Disposable Sugarcane Box Videos From YouTube

  On the other hand, thankfully, biodegradable sugarcane bagasse lunch box requires minimal cleanup. All you need to do is put them in the compost bin to free yourself from the drudgery of doing the dishes. Additionally, these products degrade over time, releasing nutrients that are good for the planet back into the soil. Bring these renewable bagasses to life and you'll get more green.
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