Present the freshest food to your customers in bakery paper bag

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Update time : 2023-02-13 15:24:51
  Serve your customers delicious, freshly baked bread in our attractive bakery paper bag. They can be used as baguette bags at your grocery store, market, or cafe, and are also great for baguettes. When you pack your bread in these bakery paper bags, you can prevent it from spoiling too quickly. They are designed to resist moisture and grease and prevent the bread from drying out or getting wet.

  The introduction of Hyde bakery paper bag
bakery paper bag  Material of bread paper bag
  The bread paper bag is made of brown paper, durable, not easy to tear, and has a strong bearing capacity

  Bread paper bags with Windows are perfect for packing, storing, displaying food, seeds, nuts, beans, tea, etc

  Transparent window with one side frosted to ensure the clarity of the inner packaging products

  Suitable for packaging a variety of products, including kitchen ingredients, food and other daily necessities

  You can put on a logo sticker or some cute labels to get a special touch and smooth surface for writing

  Bread paper bags with biodegradable lining meet food safety standards. PLA liner is a film used as a impermeable liner for food containers. It is biodegradable and fully compostable. To compost these bags, remove the tin tie.

  Buy food-grade brown paper baking bags for baking bread, toast, cookies and more. Can also be used to store dried fruit. They come in a variety of sizes and brown and white colours to suit your packaging needs.

  Our bags are made of high quality strong brown paper material and can be packed and transported inside heavy groceries without being easily damaged, ensuring that your goods are safely packed inside.

  Bread paper bags in all sizes
  We have over 10 sizes of bread paper bags to choose from. You can find a product that fits your packaging needs. In addition, we have brown and white color options, greaseproof paper and plain kraft paper options to meet different packaging requirements.

  The wavy edge of the top opening makes it easier for you to attach your store brand sticker to seal the bread bag after packaging. In addition to regular kraft paper materials, we also offer waterproof and oil-proof baked goods bags to meet your special packaging needs. For everyday grocery packaging, you can choose regular non-oil-proof ones. We ship the small bread bags in plastic sheeting. This ensures that the bags are not exposed to dust and moisture and keeps them clean and ready to use.

  A variety of purposes
  Since they are food safe bags, you can use them to pack a variety of foods and desserts. Bread, toast, candy, biscuits and breakfast packaging, but also according to the need to take out food, etc. They can always meet your packaging needs. The bread bags are available in plain white or printed styles to add visual appeal to the display case. We also carry bags of various lengths and widths, so you are sure to find the right bag for your specific bread needs.

Hydepackage Paper Bread Bags for Home Kitchen Bakery Videos From YouTube

  Make sure you have the best bakery paper bag selection. Our durable and beautiful bread paper bags are perfect for baguettes, French bread, etc. Available in a variety of sizes at wholesale prices, you are sure to find the perfect bakery paper bag for your business needs. All of our products come in large quantities and each pack contains hundreds of bags, so you don't need to reorder often.
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