Pros and cons of disposable cups, paper versus plastic

Author : Andrea  Marshall
Update time : 2023-11-20 15:12:00

  As intensive production concept penetration in the food area, the disposable cups and other packaging container have higher health needs, in daily life, the use of disposable cups are very common. And we all know that the disposable cup can be divided into disposable plastic cups and disposable paper cup, but do you really know the advantages and disadvantages of the two?

disposable cups

  1.Pros and cons of single-use plastic cups
  It is lightweight, making it less likely to break.
  It can be recycled.
  It is easily to shaped into a variety of shapes, making them beautiful and convenient.
  It is modest investment, making it cheap and economical
  It is difficult to degrade, polluting the environment
  It is coated with a waterproof wax, which can melt if the water is too warm, causing harm
  The surface of plastic seems smooth, but it's actually full of empty Spaces, allowing dirt and dirt to hide.
  Some chemicals will be precipitate out after hated, and are prone to bacteria, all of which affect your health.
  2.Pros and cons of disposable paper cups:
  Slim, they're handy to carry and use;
  It is very cheap and economic;
  It can be recycled, saving resources;
  It is degrade easily, making them greener
  A substandard paper cup is not stiff enough to burn a person by adding hot water.
  A substandard paper cup carries a residual fluorescent substance, which is hard to break down and eliminate, and affects the normal growth and development of cells. If you're exposed to it too much, it can build up a potential cancer risk.
  A substandard paper cup body ink easy to discoloration, drinking water will enter the human body.
  Comprehensive comparison, we will find that in addition to the common advantages of some disposable products, the disadvantages of plastic cups are relatively large, and the advantages and disadvantages of paper cups are relatively obvious, but as long as the choice of regular high-quality paper cups, those disadvantages can be reduced to the minimum, then let's talk about the choice of high-quality paper cups.

disposable ice cream cups

  3.How to choose high-quality disposable paper cups
  The colour:when buying a paper cup, opt for something printed in a lighter colour. But do not choose too white color paper cups, that may be because the added large amount of whitening agent, long-term use is easy to affect the body.
  The hardness: they're stiff and stretchy, while bad paper cups have a slight elasticity, making them softer, so you can pinch them anyway.
  The material: they look thick, but are actually made of food-grade base paper, with a middle layer probably disguised by cardboard. It is recommended to cut it open to see if there are impurities in the cross section.
  The smell: Pour hot water into a paper cup and stop using it if it has a strange or pungent smell. This may be due to the pyrolysis changes of recycled polyethylene during processing, and many compounds volatilize at high temperature and dissolve easily in water.
  The signs: paper products are licensed to produce something, giving them a QS mark and number on the packaging and instructions, along with something to be careful not to use substandard products.
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