Some reasons for the popularity of paper bowl with lid

Author : Anne Dakan
Update time : 2022-08-22 16:27:53
  Sustainability is one of Hyde's aspirations when it comes to making green food container products. Our paper bowl with lid is one such example, and we use a wide range of biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, and sustainable materials, including bagasse, bamboo fiber, and corn starch. Our food containers are durable because they can withstand both cold and hot temperatures. They are designed to fit any type of food business, whether dine-in or take-out. Paper bowl with lid is also considered a versatile container, you can also use them for other food items such as soups, pasta, sandwiches and pastries.

  If you are looking for ways to upgrade the way you package food for your business, it is highly recommended that you invest in paper bowl with lid. To convince you to try this new global craze in the food packaging industry, this article shares some of the main reasons why paper bowl with lid is so popular today.

paper bowl with lid  1. Portion control made easier
  Disproportionately large portions of food are a common problem for adults today. Some restaurants serve twice, sometimes three times, the amount of food that the average person should eat at each meal. When unnecessarily large portions are served, you are likely to either waste food or overeat, and fortunately, paper bowl with lid offer an effective solution to this problem. Paper bowl with lid have their own standards for capacity, not too big and not too small, and the capacity is just what people normally need, so portion control becomes easier not only for the business but also for the consumer.

  2. Reduce your carbon footprint
  Have you ever wondered how many sandwich bags and snack wrappers your business contributes to the local landfill each year? The answer to that question is probably "too many to count." In fact, according to data, about one-third of the 1.8 million tons of household waste to be disposed of in 2022 will be made up of packaging. If you don't want your business to contribute to the worsening landfill problem, but instead want to reduce your environmental footprint, then using paper bowl with lid to package your products is a great solution.

  3. Easy to take away
  Meal prep refers to the concept of preparing an entire meal or dish in advance. This is especially common among busy professionals because it can save a lot of time. If working professionals are part of your customer, then you should definitely consider using paper bowl with lid for your food. Paper bowl with lid is often microwave and freezer safe, thus making them an ideal food option for busy people to grab and go.

  4. Attractive appearance
  This is one of the main reasons why paper bowl with lid have become so popular in the past few years. Not only are they beneficial, but they are also aesthetically pleasing! This is mainly due to the fact that the design of paper bowl with lid makes them attractive. Not only the appearance of the food, but the packaging needs to be pleasant and appetizing. If you need to attract more people in your business, you should certainly choose paper bowl with lid!

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  It is for these reasons that paper bowl with lid is very popular nowadays, no matter its usage or shape, even the material, it is the new choice of packaging trend, as a food industry engaged, these paper bowl with lid is the best choice for you, contact us, start your inquiry now and make your business stand out!
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