Sugarcane food containers are widely used in the food industry

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Update time : 2022-11-30 16:27:40
  These sugarcane food containers made of fibrous material are thicker and stiffer than traditional paper boxes. They can be used for hot, wet or greasy foods. In this day and age, this is one of the best purchases that many people are in the market for. Sugarcane food containers are extremely versatile food storage solutions designed to hold everything from pre-made salads to sandwiches. Food containers are made from two identical housing components. This simple but effective design allows the flip-top containers to be closed and secured. We offer a variety of different sugarcane food containers designed for your unique needs.

  The Sugarcane Food Container is made from renewable energy from sugarcane waste and is used for outdoor events, catering and food take-out. It is made from bagasse, a by-product of sugar production, which is primarily the fiber left over after the juice is extracted from sugar cane. The remaining fiber is converted into a different form using less energy in a high-temperature, high-pressure process than the wood used to make pulp for paper products. It is a waste by-product and therefore does not require additional land cultivation and deforestation. Bagasse products are biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly.

Sugarcane food containers  Sugarcane food containers are one of the most versatile and useful food packaging products. They are often used to package items such as: salads, barbecues, burgers, breads, pies, sandwiches and much more. No matter how they are used, flip-top containers present your food in a practical and attractive way.

  If you package food, then sugarcane food containers may offer exceptional value. It all depends on the type of food you are packaging. Salads, side dishes, certain meats, sandwiches, etc. are perfect for flip-top containers. One of the main reasons restaurant owners are turning to cane containers is to reduce costs. They are a very economical solution for food packaging. Additionally, while sugarcane food containers are versatile, they may not be the best choice for liquid packaging applications.

  In fact, we offer a range of environmentally friendly, compostable, recyclable and biodegradable sugar cane containers. Our eco-friendly flip-top containers have admirable advantages: soak-proof, ideal for raw or pre-prepared meat, they are highly resistant to moisture and grease , very strong and resistant to flexibility, no wax lining or plastic lining required, microwave safe and freezable, which means it can be used for hot and cold items. Available in white and natural colors, fully compostable and biodegradable.

  Sugarcane food containers are the leading environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene foam used for cooking purposes. Quite simply, bagasse is made from the sugar cane fibers left over from the extraction of sugar. These extremely durable and strong fibers are then firmly heat pressed together to make a reliable food packaging product.

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  No matter what type of sugarcane food containers you need, the team at Hyde can provide you with the right containers or other packaging solutions. In addition to different types of eco-friendly containers, we also offer these products in more traditional materials. At Hyde, we have a large selection of quality sugarcane food containers and other food packaging products.
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