The difference between sugarcane biodegradable cups and other cups

Author : Laura Parsons
Update time : 2022-02-16 17:44:33
  Have you ever thought about the packaging on the back of your morning latte? Whether you're the owner of a business or restaurant, or just someone who likes convenience and portability, sugarcane biodegradable cups play a key role in meeting the needs of customers across the country. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right disposable cup for your business, so hopefully this information will help you narrow down the competition and make the right choice. Different materials, lids and designs make certain cups suitable for different applications.
  sugarcane biodegradable cups
  Plastic cup
  The iconic red party cup is a must-have at parties everywhere. Surprisingly, these cups are actually made of the same chemical as foam cups: polystyrene. Polystyrene is certainly valued for its affordability, which makes these cups very cheap. Unfortunately, that also means they share many of the same environmental and health flaws as bubbles.
  In addition, the cups lack the durability and insulation of styrofoam, meaning they sag and crack easily, making them unsuitable for hot drinks. One advantage of party cups is that they take up much less space, making them easier to use around the home. It also means they will take up less space when they inevitably end up in landfills.
  Paper cups
  Many people mistakenly believe that paper cups decompose safely and quickly after use. Unfortunately for our planet, that's not true. Many paper products, especially cups used to hold hot drinks, are coated with polyethylene plastic. The coating protects the paper from moisture and allows it to hold drinks such as coffee and tea without leaking.
  Unfortunately, the plastic coating also makes the cup much less environmentally friendly. Studies have shown that the polyethylene coating (like that found on most commercial coffee cups) is not biodegradable, does not slow down the decomposition of the paper underneath and will shed microplastic fragments. Even if the cup itself is broken; The poly coating will remain for hundreds of years. Some recycling companies will accept polyethylene coated paper products, but many will not, so it is best to check with your local recycling supplier.
  Sugarcane biodegradable cups
  Sugarcane biodegradable cups are our innovative solution to the problem of multi-coated paper cups. Sugarcane containers are fully biodegradable than plastic disposable tableware, resistant to high temperatures, and do not produce harmful substances when heated. Demand for sugarcane cutlery, including cups and bagasse bowls, has nearly doubled in the United States and Canada in recent years, and many states have legislated against the use of plastic disposable cutlery, greatly promoting the use of sugarcane cutlery.
  Disposable: Our sugarcane biodegradable cups are an excellent substitute for hotels, cafeterias, dining events, parties and homes
  Eco-friendly: Made from sustainably sourced paper and lined with biodegradable bioplastics, this means our cups won't pollute the environment for hundreds of years.
  Durable: Can withstand temperatures up to 200 °F, ideal for hot or cold drinks. The dual-wall construction keeps your hands cool and your drink hot without the need for sleeves!
  Certified compostable: All products are BPI certified to meet the necessary requirements for food contact. Will be degraded in commercial composting facilities.
  We have been specialized in producing sugarcane biodegradable products for ten years. If you want to order sugarcane biodegradable cups, Hyde company will be your safe choice. We also provide environmental protection. The capacity of our biodegradable cup can be customized according to your needs. If your business or restaurant is looking for a practical and sustainable solution, Hyde is for you.

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