The popularity of coffee paper cup

Author : Robin Alwine
Update time : 2021-09-09 17:55:17
  Since the popularity of coffee drinking, many FMCG (fast-moving consumer products),  such as coffee paper cup has appeared on many coffee delivery platforms, including a popular paper cup in the market now. coffee paper cup are used to hold coffee in a high-grade paper cup. When drinking coffee, people usually go to coffee shops and only pay attention to the coffee, not to the cup that holds the coffee. It is beneficial to reduce the cost and safer to use paper cups to hold the coffee. Because it is a disposable paper cup, it is also very convenient to use. Disposable coffee paper cup are not only convenient to use, but also bring consumers a sense of elegance, so many coffee shops have begun to use disposable paper cups.
  coffee paper cup
  The raw material of coffee paper cup
  Coffee paper cup raw material is commonly used in coffee paper cup drench paper, divided into double drench paper and single drench paper, usually used in the drench paper thickness of 218 grams to 300 grams. The thickness of corrugated paper used for coffee cups varies from 280 grams to 340 grams. Coffee paper cup is a kind of paper cup used to hold coffee, the shape is better than the ordinary paper cup. The most common use is the paper plastic cup, the outside is a layer of paper, the inside is a layer of film paper, is a kind of polyethylene plastic film. The outer layer is paper, but it is the inner plastic layer that touches the food, so it is controversial whether the cup is a disposable paper cup or a plastic cup. In terms of detection, both paper and plastic quality are detected.
  The production process of coffee paper cup
  The production process of coffee paper cup is made of paper cup base paper by doused film into paper cup paper, printing, die cutting, molding processing. Coffee paper cups are generally medium and high grade paper cups, such as corrugated cups, hollow cups, etc. For the ornamental use of coffee paper cups, first of all, consumers should be assured of their quality and safety, and secondly, the form should be good to ensure that consumers can feel the taste of coffee, but also feel that coffee paper cups have a certain sex. When using coffee paper cups, pay attention to the color match of coffee paper cups. Drinking coffee is as much a matter of course as drinking water. But in addition to careful roasting and delicate handling skills, the coffee cup also plays an extremely important role.
  Suitable coffee paper cup
  Paper coffee cups should never react with coffee, so live metals should never be used for coffee cups (although if you're looking for a different flavor) such as aluminum cups. The body of the coffee cup should be thick and the mouth of the cup should not be wide. The cup can condense the hot air of the coffee and it is not easy to cool down quickly, which will not affect the taste and taste of the coffee. Single-layer paper cup is a kind of disposable paper cup, also known as single-side film paper cup, that is, the layer inside the paper cup has smooth PE single-layer cup is generally used to hold drinking water, convenient for people to drink. As the name implies, the double-wall paper cup, with two layers. The quality of the double paper cup is better than that of the single paper cup. Double-ply paper cups also last longer than single-ply. It can also serve hot drinks, like hot coffee.
  Without the wax, people may feel that the coffee paper cup is safe. It actually has risk factors, too. The health risks of the outer paper are very prominent. If the outer layer of water, mold will form, paper cups stacked together, mold on the outside will inevitably pollute the inside. Be sure to check for damp or mildew when using paper cups. Hyde provides single-wall, double-wall and ripple-wall paper cup, even biodegradable paper cups. There is always something you want.

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