The types of paper cake cups

Author : Andrea  Marshall
Update time : 2021-08-19 17:58:12
  Imagine some mini paper cake cups filled with brightly colored and fragrant desserts. It's so tempting! Cupcakes are a delicacy that can be enjoyed for almost any occasion, such as birthdays, parties, parties and holidays. These cakes are fun, fast and easy to make, and can be seasoned and decorated in many different ways to suit the personal tastes of the people who will be eating them. But in addition to making batter and decorations, paper cups are also a priority. Different cups have different effects, and there are many points to look out.
  paper cake cups
  Different paper cake cups
  Plain white paper cups. It is actually better called a cup holder because it is very thin and soft, and you need an extra strong cup to support it while baking, otherwise, the temperature and steam will deform the unconstrained paper cup. Although it is white in color, it will finally become transparent and stick to the cake because it absorbs the water and grease in the cake after baking. If you don't look carefully, you can't see that it is wrapped in a layer of paper. And because it's cheap, it's the most commonly used cupcake of all.
  Colored paper cups. Colored paper cups are also popular because they are colorful, have more choices and are cheaper. But it is also graded, some paper cups are ordinary a layer of paper, and ordinary white paper cups are just more color, there is no big difference, so the price is naturally low; And some can be inside besmear lie between layer (naked eye can see, also can touch with the hand), more prevent grease prevent leak, the price also can be higher. If your cake batter is dark, the effect of the colored cup will not be prominent, because the paper cup will inevitably become transparent, it is recommended to use another cup.
  Muffin cardboard cups. Muffins are typically oily, large, and have a stronger structure, as well as the addition of nuts and fruit, so regular soft paper cups don't work. Only cardboard cups hold up, and they don't deform in the heat.
  Folded and rimmed paper cup. This kind of paper cup can actually be disassembled to make it more diversified, but when not dismantled, the stacking of the layers makes the cup more firm, especially the top edge, which is firm and does not deform, and does not need a mold base at all.
  Tin foil cups. It has more advantages than any other paper cup. But the obvious drawback is that it is not solid. If you don't use other moulds to hold them, as the cake expands with heat, the cups will become deformed and tart-like. And it's not cheap.
  Brown paper cups. Interior with coating, waterproof and greaseproof, not cheap, not much use.
  Special fancy paper cups. A decorative paper cup. Some are just round cups wrapped in a thin layer of greaseproof paper, while others have a ring inside to hold them in place.
  Rectangular paper cup. Less for baking cakes, more for making bread. Because the average cupcake is small, bite-sized, and mostly round. Rectangular breads are more common.
  The silicone cup. Silica gel has many advantages, easy to demoulder, applicable temperature range from minus 2 degrees to high temperature 240 degrees, frost resistance and heat resistance. It can also be used as a base mold for other paper cups.
  In comparison, the price of silicone cup is also higher. Another problem is that some people worry that silicone could be toxic in high temperatures. It is recommended to choose high-quality and guaranteed silica gel cups.
  Egg tarts cup. They are also tinfoil cups, but they are much stronger and do not require mold dragging. There are many shapes, if you want to buy a cup shape.
  Cupcakes are a quick and delicious treat that the whole family will enjoy and can be made with relatively few ingredients. Try different flavors and frosting and you'll find this humble recipe never boring. All of the above types of paper cake cups can be used for baking, or you can try it at home. Hyde provides a variety of sizes of paper cake cups, welcome your consultation.

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