Types of cups available from disposable cup manufacturers

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  Disposable cups are widely used and play a very important role in our life. Today we talk about the types of cups available from disposable cup manufacturers. Where there are many people, we all use disposable cups. Because it can avoid the spread of disease. When we drink water or coffee, it can be used directly, no extra cleaning can be thrown into the trash, so it is very convenient.
  disposable cup manufacturers
  Types of disposable cups

  Disposable cups are a type of food packaging. It is a small container used to hold drinks or food. But it is used only a limited number of times and is usually used once. There are many types of disposable cups. It depends on what criteria we choose.
  There are many different categories of disposable cups on the market, and the catalogue varies depending on the classification.
  For example, on the basis of use, there are cold drink cups, hot drink cups and ice cream cups. If based on the cup structure, it can be divided into single cup and double cup.

  Disposable paper cup
  Apparently the cups are made of paper. At present, there are many materials that can be made into cup paper. The three main materials are wood, straw and bagasse. Wood is still the dominant material. To protect our natural resources, we use bagasse and straw instead of wood to make paper cups.
  Insulated cups: Keep your drink warm and your hands from scalding from the heat. It's more expensive because it's two-tiered.
  Green paper cups: Made from renewable sources such as bagasse cups, they are compostable and very green. But the price is higher.
  Scribbled paper cup: It is perfect for cold drinks. If paper wax is coated, it can provide additional rigidity and prevent leakage and absorption. But not for hot drinks, too hot, the coating may melt.
  All of the above cups come in different sizes, weights and colors. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
  Disposable plastic cup
  In the past, the main materials of plastic cups were polystyrene, polypropylene and PET, which are still widely used in disposable plastic cups. Due to environmental protection, compostable plastic cups appear and are popular in the market, such as PLA corn plastic.
  Disposable plastic hard cups: very hard walls, not easy to break, suitable for hot and cold drinking. The disadvantages are high cost and expensive.
  Thin-walled plastic cups: Made of durable polypropylene, they are cheap and inexpensive for cold drinks, but not for hot ones.
  Polystyrene cup: It comes in solid and clean colors for all kinds of parties and festivals. But not for hot drinks.
  Compostable plastic cup: It's compostable and harmless to our environment. But it's more expensive.
  Disposable foam cup
  Foam cups are made of expanded polystyrene.
  It's light, like a paper cup, but it's best to keep its shape.
  This is a good insulator. So it can hold hot and cold drinks. It keeps you from getting burned.
  Technically, a foam cup is also a plastic cup. And most certainly it can be recycled. However, it is difficult to recycle. Because foam cup recycling centers are very, very rare. The recycling process is expensive and inconvenient. And it's hard to break down. So all in all, it's not a green cup.
  With the quickening pace of human activity, the world is getting busier and busier, and everyone is looking for ways and means to work efficiently. Disposable cups are completely in line with the characteristics of life in the new era. If your business or restaurant is looking for reliable disposable cup manufacturers, Then Hyde is one of the best choice.

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