Which double wall cup manufacturers should you choose?

Author : Andrea  Marshall
Update time : 2022-09-21 15:32:31
  There are basically four different types of custom designed paper cups. However, if you want the printed design to stand out clearly and if you want to order a smaller print run, then the real choice is between single or double wall cups. Getting a clear print on a corrugated cup is more difficult and as a double wall cup manufacturers we can give you some advice.

  Paper cups also come in many different thicknesses. The thickness of the paperboard can vary and will have an effect on the final price. There is no one thickness that is absolutely superior to the others. It depends entirely on your use. Therefore, let's first consider choosing between single-wall paper cups and double-wall paper cups.

double wall cup manufacturers  Which type and thickness of paper cup you should choose depends on a number of considerations. Below, we have listed the considerations we have been thinking about ourselves when discussing the choice of paperboard thickness and paper cups with our customers. If you're not sure which option is best for you, you're always welcome to contact us as a professional double wall cup manufacturers.

  The single wall paper cup is the most common because it is the most economical and can be used for most purposes. It is especially suitable for cold drinks, but in many cases it can also be used for hot drinks. Our own general rule is that a single-walled mug can be used for hot drinks of a certain temperature, in which there is no boiling content. However, if we drink Americano, freshly brewed filter coffee or drink tea from a single-walled cup, the outside of the cup can get quite hot. This often means that it is necessary to place the cup on top, or place it in a cup holder. Using an extra mug will also help, but this is not as good as using a double-walled mug. There is rarely a reason to spend extra money on extra cardboard if the mug is only going to be used for cold drinks.

  If we're talking about hot drinks, well, that's not always easy either, depending on what temperature you'll be serving the drink at and where people will be standing while holding the cup. If keeping your drinks hot is your main concern, then we usually recommend going with a double-walled one.

  As a double wall cup manufacturers, we often refer to the double-walled cup as a comfort cup simply because it adds an extra layer to the experience. It features an extra layer of cardboard. A common misconception we encounter is that people often think it's the extra few grams of cardboard that gives the cup its insulation. In fact, the insulation is primarily due to the layer of air between the two pieces of cardboard. Thus, double-walled mugs work in the same way as double-glazed windows. Therefore, if you plan to serve very hot drinks and if your budget allows, we would recommend you to choose a double-walled mug. This will always be cheaper than using two single-walled cups.

  If you serve very hot drinks and don't want your customers to burn their fingers, as a professional double wall cup manufacturers, we usually recommend printed double wall  paper cups. The double wall paper cup also shows a degree of uniqueness because it is comfortable to hold, while its flat surface gives it a sharp appearance. Double-walled paper cups are ideal for businesses where customers are consuming beverages over a longer period of time, as the insulating air layer helps keep the contents warm.

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  When it comes to double-walled cups, in most cases it doesn't make sense to pay more for the extra thickness of cardboard. The air layer itself provides adequate insulation. We are not only a professional double wall cup manufacturers, but also offer single wall cups, so if you are not sure what kind you need, we will be happy to send you some samples and offer some suggestions.
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