Why bagasse takeaway food containers are better than ordinary food containers

Author : Jeff Manion
Update time : 2022-10-20 17:10:52
  Sugarcane as a raw material is more easily degradable than bamboo, which is popular for today's society that promotes environmental protection. Bagasse takeaway food containers are perfect for fast food restaurants for take-out and hot food. We use a variety of renewable, natural plant fibers and mold them into our line of sugarcane containers. These bagasse takeaway food containers provide good thermal quality to ensure food stays hot.

  Bagasse material is suitable for microwave and oven and can also be frozen. Bagasse takeaway food containers are manufactured through a high temperature and pressure process. They are suitable for hot, wet or greasy foods and are strong and economical, becoming an alternative to polystyrene take-out containers and not leaching toxic chemicals! What's more, being a natural material, hot food does not sweat on the inside. Microwave-safe leftover containers offer a simple and convenient customer experience, so customers can reheat leftovers in the container. While polystyrene foam packaging is not suitable for microwave use, bagasse takeaway food containers can be made from microwave-safe materials. All of our bagasse fast food containers are microwave safe, so customers don't have to dirty another plate when reheating leftovers!

bagasse takeaway food containers  Bagasse takeaway food containers are biodegradable. Biodegradable or compostable is a material that can be broken down by bacteria and other natural processes in a fairly short period of time. This compost can be used as a soil conditioner to help grow future plants! While polystyrene is not biodegradable, there are foam alternative materials, such as natural plant fibers, that can make your food containers 100% compostable. Our bagasse takeaway food containers line is fully compostable, which means that when placed in a professionally managed composting facility, bagasse fast food containers will turn into compost within 90 days!

  Bagasse takeaway food containers are enhanced with environmentally friendly chemicals widely used in the food industry to improve the oil and water resistance of the molded tableware, thus ensuring the robustness of the product in wet environments. The addition of this ingredient makes bagasse tableware superior to commercial biodegradable food containers in terms of mechanical strength, oil and grease resistance and non-toxicity.

  We offer bagasse take-out food containers in a variety of shapes to hold solid food or liquids for ease of use. The biodegradable line comes in many different sizes and can hold almost any amount of food. Bagasse products are microwave safe, so customers can easily reheat their favorite leftovers and serve them in the same container.

Hydepackage Custom Printed Biodegradable Sugarcane Bowl Videos From YouTube

  With so many options for our bagasse takeaway food containers, it's easy to find an eco-friendly take-out container that fits your business, style and personality. For more options for green products, check out our biodegradable tableware category. If you're wondering where to buy eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable paper take-out containers, we have a large selection of eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable take-out containers on sale.
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