Paper hamburger boxes wholesale

Item No.: HDP124
custom paper hamburger boxes, disposable bento lunch paper boxes, cardboard burger paper packaging box, Customized Size & Logo, Contact us to Learn More.
  • OEM|ODM:Accepted
  • Printing Design:Customized
  • Application:Food, Restaurant Shop Diner
  • Description
    These recycled Paper Hamburger Boxes, crafted from post-consumer waste paper, are a testament to the ingenuity of the modern age. The diligent collection, processing, and transformation of discarded paper into new packaging material not only reduces the demand for virgin resources but also lessens the environmental impact associated with traditional packaging. These sturdy boxes, resistant to the perils of grease and moisture, ensure that the burger remains fresh and intact throughout its journey.

    Amidst the growing awareness of the detrimental impact of plastic waste on our planet, the employment of paper hamburger boxes emerges as a commendable and sustainable alternative, replete with numerous benefits. These cardboard burger paper packaging box adopt double PE film, which is waterproof and oil-proof. By opting for paper hamburger boxes, individuals can lend their support to businesses that prioritize sustainability and contribute towards forging a greener future.

    Product Description

    .Material & Style: Food Grade Yibin Paper, PE Coated
    .Packing: 100PCS/CTN
    .Volume: 6-12 inch
    .Shape: Square

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