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cup carry tray biodegradable pulp

cup carry tray biodegradable pulp

Not only do our cup carry tray biodegradable pulp store and protect beverage cups, they also help protect the planet because they are made entirely of paper pulp and are 100% degradable. The high quality cup carry tray biodegradable pulp is made of high quality natural pulp fiber material, the degradable material is durable and recyclable. Our cup carry tray biodegradable pulp won't break or tear easily and serve you a wide variety of beverages in a safe and timely manner. The cup carry tray biodegradable pulp provided by Hyde are made of solid pulp fibers to form two or four grooves to hold multiple cups of beverages firmly, which can effectively prevent liquid from spilling due to shaking. Additionally, the sides and bottom of these cup carry tray biodegradable pulp are reinforced to ensure they are strong enough to hold the weight of your drink. The rounded edges of cup carry tray biodegradable pulp are designed to reduce scratches and bumps so your beverages can be delivered to their destination safely and on time. Our cup carry tray biodegradable pulp are available in a simple and stylish light brown color, suitable for the distribution of a variety of hot and cold beverages in winter and summer. Customizable sized cup carry tray biodegradable pulp are suitable for coffee shops, grocery stores, juice bars, bars, takeaways and more.

Hyde is a professional manufacturer of degradable tableware and food packaging. Our cup carry tray biodegradable pulp is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly moulded pulp fibre. Using these green cup carry tray biodegradable pulp will support your sustainable lifestyle. Molded fiber cup carry tray biodegradable pulp are perfect for transporting hot and cold beverages and are an alternative to traditional single-use materials.

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