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kraft salad bowls

kraft salad bowls

A kraft salad bowls can add a lot of fun and convenience to your party or event. Perfect for serving chips, popcorn, and other dry snacks, the kraft salad bowlss add instant flavor to your bash. These round kraft salad bowlss are made of thick, strong and reliable kraft paper construction that holds their shape perfectly. A kraft salad bowls is a great addition to your deli, cafe or home as it can also be used as a pantry for frozen leftovers. We also offer biodegradable kraft salad bowlss - lined with vegetable starch. It breaks down naturally after use, making it a great replacement for styrene and plastic containers. The thick paper construction of the kraft salad bowls guarantees excellent quality durability. Lined to provide a heat barrier, these kraft salad bowlss can withstand temperatures up to 200°F. And you don't have to worry about wet food anymore! These cups come with vented paper lids that keep moist air out and eliminate the risk of rapid cooling.

Enhance your restaurant or takeaway food service with these convenient and durable kraft salad bowlss. Various sizes allow you to meet the needs of every part with the perfect touch. Unique kraft salad bowlss provide a fresh experience and differentiate your brand from the competition. Choose eco-friendly customizable kraft salad bowlss to enhance your customers' dining experience, ensuring your food arrives looking and tasting exactly as it should.

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