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sugarcane biodegradable cups

sugarcane biodegradable cups

Versatile and economical, sugarcane biodegradable cups are the perfect beverage solution for your cafe, coffee shop, kiosk, concession stand or convenience store. sugarcane biodegradable cups feature a space-saving construction that allows it to be placed in a convenient cup dispenser for compact storage and easy access. For superior durability, sugarcane biodegradable cups have a polyethylene-coated lining that prevents condensation from building up. Serve your signature piping hot coffee, tea and lattes in sugarcane biodegradable cups. Whether you're serving hot chocolate at a stadium concession stand or a steaming espresso at a cafe, our sugarcane biodegradable cups will keep your produce warm for busy customers! The sugarcane biodegradable cups insulate your beverages so your customers won't burn their hands, and some even feature a double-layer construction for added protection. sugarcane biodegradable cups have rolled edges on the top so they're comfortable to drink, and they're easy to install with a takeaway cover.

sugarcane biodegradable cups provide takeout and self-service supplies for your business and is perfect for convenience stores and casual cafes. We offer sugarcane biodegradable cups in a variety of exterior colors and designs, so you can customize the look of your takeout supplies to suit your cafe's theme. Contact us now and try a selection of modern sugarcane biodegradable cups that printed graphics or drawings for artistic appeal.

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