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Aluminum foil containers with lids

Aluminum foil containers with lids factory 

Aluminum foil containers with lids are made of high-quality aluminum foil, which has strong durability and heat preservation. The lid design can prevent food from leaking and overflowing. Aluminum foil containers with lids are widely used in the takeout industry, ready-to-eat food packaging, catering industry, etc. Aluminum foil containers store leftovers in containers that can be reheated directly in the oven or microwave, our foil containers are so versatile, they can also be frozen, allowing you to prepare meals ahead of time and store them for future use without affecting quality. as a disposable paper manufacturers, our factory supplies numerous sizes of aluminum foil containers and round aluminum containers with lids, small aluminum foil containers, Those aluminum foil containers are eco-friendly,  they can be microwaved.

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